How YouTube Vloggers Can Grow Their Live Streams

Live streaming media was once the realm of major news networks and companies with a lot of bandwidth and the most cutting edge tools on the market, but today you can host a live video stream with just your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Immediate engagement with your audience and up-to-the minute Q&A sessions are only a couple of the benefits and features of doing live streams as a YouTube vlogger. The possibilities really are endless, but live streaming media is, by nature, very time sensitive and immediate, which can create some interesting challenges as you start to build your live stream audience.

Fortunately, though, just like growing your YouTube channel audience, with a little bit of effort and consistency, you’ll find your live stream audience growing as well!

Promote Your Live Streams in Your YouTube Vlogs

Your audience can watch and re-watch your YouTube vlogs whenever they like, and that makes these videos the perfect venue to promote your live streams. At the end of each video, as you wrap up and thank your audience for watching, remind them when they can catch your next live stream and why they should tune in. You can say something like, “And don’t forget to tune into my next live broadcast on Instagram at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday for a live Q&A session!”

Share Your Live Streaming Schedule

In addition to telling your YouTube viewers about your live stream in your vlogs, you should also let them know when they can catch you live on air with a posted live stream schedule. Publish this on your YouTube channel’s “About” page, in your profiles and bios on social media, and in the information sections of all of your online presences (website, blog, etc.).

Build Some Buzz

Besides telling your audience when they can watch your live stream, you also need to tell them why they should watch. Talk about your live stream, how much fun it is, and what your audience can expect from each stream. Do this in your YouTube videos and on social media. Give teasers of upcoming topics. Link to feeds from previous streams. In short, build up buzz around your stream and get people excited to tune in.

Promote Your Live Stream Link Before Going Live

On the day of your live stream, post the link to watch it on your social media feeds. This serves as a great reminder for your viewers to keep an eye on the time and to click on over to your stream when it’s time for you to go live. It also lets new viewers know about your live stream right before it happens, so that they can click over immediately and see what it’s all about.

Interact With Your Live Stream Audience

Live streams are fun, useful, and attractive to viewers because of their immediacy and because they allow a new level of interaction and engagement. So answer questions, give shout-outs, and take full advantage of the real-time nature of a live stream. The more you engage with your viewers, the more they’ll be interested in future live streams. This is also a proven way to increase the return viewership of your broadcasts.

Be Consistent

Finally, as with your YouTube channel and social media marketing, you will build an audience a lot faster if you are consistent. Post your live stream schedule and stick to it. If your audience knows when you go live, then they’ll know when to watch you! Consistency is a huge factor when it comes to people watching your streams.

Live streaming is a great way to interact with your fans and build your YouTube channel’s brand, and it’s a lot of fun, too. If you follow these tips, you’ll have no problem gaining new viewers and hosting a successful live stream that will be a great companion to your vlogs on YouTube.