What To Do When You Run Out of YouTube Video Ideas

Being a vlogger is amazing, and tiring, and fun, and isolating, and extraordinary, and sometimes very difficult. After all, we did not get into it to have an easy time – instead, we make videos that make us laugh, make us cry, and make us think. For those of you that have your very own YouTube channels, they are a great place to get your thoughts out there, to see what other people around the world are thinking, and even to challenge them if you know about a particular topic which they do not.

But over time, especially if you are making a large number of YouTube videos every month, you may start to find that your creative juices are running a little dry. Instead of jumping up and down because you are so full of ideas for fantastic videos, you may actually find that you start to put off making videos because you are starting to run out of vlogging ideas.

Like all creative jobs, such as authors, poets, artists, film makers, and all of the others, there will be times when you simply cannot make the videos fast enough, and times when you simply cannot think of a good idea. Writers call it ‘writer’s block’, and there is probably an equivalent for every art form.

It can seem impossible to think of something wonderful to make into a YouTube video when you have simply got no ideas.

Thankfully if this is you, you are not alone, and there is something that you can do about it. We have put together some tips about what you can do when you run out of YouTube video ideas. Not all of them may work for you, but almost everyone responds positively to at least one of these, so if the first one does not really do anything for you, then just move on to the next one. Here we go!

Go for a walk

You would be amazed at the difference just talking a walk can make to the way that you are thinking. Where we are and what we are doing can play a huge role in the way that we think.

That is why we often forget something when we go from one room to the other – because our minds consider that idea to belong to that first room. If you are sitting in the same place or pacing up and down the same room, your mind is just going to be going over and over the same thoughts. Taking a walk outside gives you a breath of fresh air, and your mind the chance to think differently.

Approach the problem from a different angle

Sometimes we get so stuck in a thinking rut that it is difficult to see how the problem could even be viewed any other way. However, a different angle could help you immediately solve the problem. For example, instead of thinking, “What sort of video have I not yet made?” and driving yourself crazy, instead think, “Which of my videos has been the most popular with the most views? Could I make a mini series around that video?” And then surprise! You already have many more vlog ideas!

Phone a friend

There will undoubtedly be a friend or a family member in your life that knows your vlogs, and knows how amazing your vlog channel on YouTube is. Why don’t you get them involved in the thinking process? Often having an outsider’s perspective can be really beneficial because they will often have noticed little things that you have not – as well as have different ideas already.

Chatting with them can also help you to feel more relaxed about the problem, and stop panicking that you are struggling to think of new ideas. The more stressed we are, the harder our brains have to work, so if you are able to stay calm then your brain may just hit upon the best idea that you have ever had.

Ask your audience

If you want to know what sort of video your fans want you to make, the quickest and easiest way to go about it is to ask them! You could go about doing this in many ways. Firstly, you should be using social media. That is a great way for your fans to engage with you, and you could put out a message saying that you are taking suggestions for your next vlog. Before you know it, your fans would have done all of the idea thinking for you!

You could even decide to create a video that you can put on your YouTube channel challenging your fans to think of the three best topics that you should cover in your next few videos. That way you will automatically get many different suggestions. You could also give the winning fans a special mention in your next videos to encourage more participation.

So there you have it! Thinking of great ideas for videos on your YouTube channel really can be that simple. Test and explore different methods to see what works best for you. We hope that some of these strategies and tips help lead you to more creative wonders!