What is Shopify & How Does it Work

All around the web, there are a ton of great apps, websites, platforms, and other tools that are designed to help vloggers monetize and make money with their YouTube channels. One of those is Shopify, a web platform that let’s anyone easily create an online store.

So, what is Shopify, and for YouTube vloggers interested in creating cool merch/products for their audience, how does Shopify work? As one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, Shopify is designed to help you easily start selling merch online for your YouTube channel’s viewership and community.

How Does Shopify Work

When you create an online store on Shopify, you’ll be able to create an entire website that works to sell your product(s) in a seamless and stylish way. The platform works a lot like setting up a basic WordPress blog, but with more advanced sales and shopping features.

The good thing about using Shopify’s e-commerce platform to setup an online store for your YouTube channel is that you don’t have to have much technical skill, nor do you need to be a web designer to make your store look great to customers. Also, Shopify provides their own hosting, meaning that you don’t need to have another web hosting service yourself.

The process of selling your products online is simplified by Shopify’s easy to use customization features and various instructional guides/videos for those interested in further enhancing the online shopping experience. As a vlogger, you’re able to create a professional and seamless online shopping experience for your YouTube channel’s community.

Customizing Your Online Store

You can connect your Spotify storefront to your own website for more continuity, or just use the Shopify site as your home base online. Through the various store design features, you’re able to start by adding products, customizing the look of your e-commerce store, or setting up a domain name (your official web address ex. www[yourbrand].com). Many users prefer to get their store matching their YouTube channel’s brand theme first, so customization is their first choice.

Shopify has its own e-commerce design themes and online shopping layouts, similar to setting up a blog online. You don’t have to use any sort of coding to customize your online store; basic drop-down menus and buttons help you get it looking the way you want. However, if you are familiar with coding languages, you can create your own custom Shopify theme. Here’s some examples of online stores on the platform. For any advanced layouts or features, you can even hire a Shopify expert to help design your store.

Easily Integrate Products You’d Like To Sell

Once your store and e-commerce experience has the visual look you prefer, you can begin adding products to sell online. What is Shopify going to be tailored towards in regards to your YouTube channel’s merch and products?

Get started by naming your products, giving them a description (ex. fabric/material type for hoodies), indicate sizes, colors, price, weight, shipping options, and all other details required for your customers.

Repeat that process for each product that you wish to sell on Shopify, and remember that you can set up groups of products based on certain characteristics. For example, if you’re selling merch online, you may wish to group your products (seasonal collections, limited edition drops, design themes etc).

Seamless Payment Process for Sales

There’s many ways to set up payment processes for customers purchasing your products. Shopify supports a wide variety of payment methods, including PayPal. You can choose what you’ll accept from e-commerce sales, including enabling third-party payment gateways if you wish. You’ll also select how to handle taxes and shipping rates for your products being sold.

Once your storefront is designed, products are integrated, payment process is configured, you can simply publish your storefront to start selling your products on Shopify and making sales. Share your online store on your YouTube channel’s about page, video descriptions and social media pages!

Shopify creates an easy experience for vloggers wishing to sell online, with a beautiful and simple UI, tons of options, and a straightforward e-commerce process for sales. For additional tutorials covering What is Shopify, how it works, store customization, sales processes and any other questions you may have, check out these guides on the Shopify Center.