5 Tips That YouTube Vloggers Should Make Use of

Do you want more views and subscriptions on your YouTube channel? Do you feel like you’re stumped for ideas for vlogs? Is your audience engagement feeling a little lack-luster? If you’re a vlogger on YouTube, you can solve all of these problems and more by following these five tips. Many successful YouTubers use them, and you should, too.

Give Your YouTube Channel’s Content a Personality

If you go to YouTube and search for “How to style short hair.” According to YouTube, there are approximately 400,000+ search results for this query. So what does that tell you?

Some people think that means you shouldn’t create a YouTube video on styling short hair because it’s already been done many times. A successful vlogger, on the other hand, will think, “What’s my angle? How can I inject some personality into a vlog like that to make it really stand out?”

Whatever you vlog about, whether it’s home repair and maintenance, beauty tips, tech news, or movie reviews, there are thousands of other vlogs “just like yours” out there already. You can find a lot of success by letting your personality shine through and finding a unique and fun angle to use in all of your YouTube videos.

Direct the Conversation in the Video Comments

Next, we’ve all heard the horror stories about YouTube comments, but you can prevent a lot of these from occurring if you get ahead of them. Shortly after you upload your YouTube videos go back and start a conversation in the comments with a related question that will point the conversation in the direction you want to take it. This will help get the discussion going, and move towards the direction you desire.

Start Branding Your YouTube Videos

Now, you want your YouTube vlogs to be memorable and immediately recognizable, right? Start branding them. Create an attractive and unique logo and include it at the beginning and end of each video (or even during the entire video). You can also have some fun branded merchandise made at a print on demand website and feature it in your videos.

For example, you could hang a poster or banner with your logo on it behind you for each vlog, and/or you could wear a branded T-shirt or hat. You could even have a coffee cup made with your logo on it and have it on your desk next to you in your YouTube videos.

Branding increases recognition, and it gives you the opportunity to sell your branded merchandise to your fans once you’ve established your vlogging channel and gained a following. Then people will start to see your logo out on the street, and they’ll look you up online. It’s a great way to get more YouTube viewers with online and offline marketing.

Create a Calendar and Plan Your Content

As you create your vlogs remember that consistency is absolutely essential. You want your viewers to know without a doubt when they should expect to see new YouTube videos from you. To put out consistent, quality content, you need a good plan. Sit down with a calendar and schedule when you’ll write your scripts, when you’ll film your videos, when you’ll do your editing, when you’ll post to social media, and when you’ll post your vlogs on your channel. The more you plan, the more successful you’ll be.

You can also create a YouTube publishing schedule and post it on your social media pages, in your video intro/outro, channel’s about page and everywhere else that you have an online presence. This will help increase your return viewership on YouTube.

Create a Community and Get Involved

Finally, the most important aspect of any vlogging channel on YouTube is community. Your videos are the beginnings of conversations with people who are interested in the vlog topics that you’re passionate about. Create social media presences, a Facebook group, and/or a Google+ community dedicated to your YouTube channel and its community.

A couple of tips to help you build a community for your vlogs:

  • Give your YouTube community a name and add it to your channel’s branding.
  • Acknowledge your viewers and supporters by your community name.
  • Establish a social media presence.
  • Give shout-outs/mentions to community supporters in your vlogs and on social media.
  • Respond to your YouTube comments.
  • End your vlogs with a question for your audience and engage with the replies.
  • Make a consistent effort to engage and interact with your YouTube viewers.

Give your audience the opportunity to get social. Interact with them and get involved, and you’ll see amazing results.