How Start a YouTube Channel Effectively as a Beauty Vlogger

Beauty vlogging on YouTube. It’s huge! And it’s still growing everyday as new beauty gurus and vloggers join YouTube to share their tips, tutorials, thoughts and more! If this is something that interests you, let’s take a look at how you can start a YouTube channel effectively as a beauty guru or vlogger.

You Need to Know Your Audience on YouTube

What kinds of beauty videos will you make, and who will watch them? Who are you trying to reach when you make your YouTube videos? Sit down and write a description of your ideal viewer. List about how old they are, where the majority of them are located, what they do, hobbies they have, etc. The more detail you can give, the better.

With this description, you should be able to map out the kinds of beauty videos you will make, how you should film your YouTube content, and how to promote it.

Knowing basic demographics and interests for your audience will help you determine which social networks to focus on and what tone to use in your YouTube beauty videos, too.

Create Short-Term and Long-Term YouTube Goals

How many subscribers do you want your beauty channel to have a month from now? Six months from now? Next year? How often do you want to upload beauty videos to your YouTube channel? How strong would you like your online presence to be in 6 months?

These long-term and short-term goals will help you determine how much effort you need to put into your YouTube channel on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis.

No matter what your goals are, you can scale your efforts and time to achieve them, but you have to start planning now if you want to make it happen.

Create a YouTube Plan for Your First 3 Months

Planning is very important when starting a YouTube channel. It can be hard to plan one year ahead (or even just 6 months), so it’s helpful for new YouTube beauty gurus to start with a three-month plan. Get as detailed as you can with your plan.

Focus on your video uploading schedule and when you’ll post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Figure out whether or not you want to go ahead and launch a merchandising campaign. Plan your beauty channel’s branding and how you’ll implement it. Again, the more detailed, the better.

As you go through the next three months, you’ll see how realistic your planning was and what you need to change or adjust to meet your goals. If you can’t commit to more than one beauty video every two weeks, that’s fine. You can make up for posting less frequently by upping your social media game.

However, you can’t cut down on your video output and then wander away from your social media marketing. You have to work to keep your audience’s attention and grow your YouTube beauty channel.

Have 2-3 Beauty Videos Ready Before You Launch

Starting a YouTube channel can be a lot more work than you expected, especially when it comes to putting your first few videos out on time.

For example, let’s say you have a full-time job that you have to attend, and you can’t yet focus entirely on your beauty channel. However, if you make a few YouTube videos before you launch, you’ll have a few backup videos to pull out of your sleeve if you get behind.

In fact, as you continue working on your YouTube channel, do as much as you can to get ahead of schedule. Plan your content ahead of time. Stay two to three videos ahead of the video you’re planning on uploading each week.

This way, if you have an urgent task, get sick, or just want to take a few days and go on vacation, you won’t upset your YouTube channel’s schedule.

Have a List of Ideas for New YouTube Beauty Videos

Even if you can’t make beauty videos ahead of time, keep a running list of ideas for YouTube. Doing this will help you brainstorm new content, and it will keep you from getting blocked on what to do next. If you always have a stash of ideas, you’ll never have to worry about coming up with something last minute for your YouTube channel, and you’ll keep your momentum going strong.

End Your Beauty Videos With a Call to Action

When you end your YouTube videos, be sure to include a call to action. Ask your viewers to like your video. Encourage them to share it on Facebook or Twitter. Remind them that they can get more great videos each week when they subscribe to your beauty channel. Any of these calls to action will increase your audience engagement and help grow your channel.

Ask Your Audience for Feedback

Finally, don’t forget to engage and interact with your audience. You can do this at the end of your beauty videos, in your video descriptions, and on social media. Ask them for feedback on your previous videos, and invite them to add their ideas for content they’d like to see you create in the future.

When they respond in the YouTube comments or on social media, respond to them in a positive, friendly manner that’s in keeping with your brand voice and tone. Be sure to keep the conversation going and stay engaged with your viewers, and you’ll get a lot more positive feedback.

And, whenever you use a fan’s suggestion, always give them a shout-out or mention. They’ll appreciate it, and so will your channel’s community!

Keep these tips in mind to help you start a YouTube channel effectively as a beauty guru or vlogger. Have fun!