5 Helpful Script Writing Tips for Beginners

A web series is a great way to differentiate your YouTube channel’s content, and give your viewers something unique to watch. Especially if you like telling a story.

That being said, anytime you create a web series, you need to write a good script. Script writing is essential for every web series, no matter how much you’re spending on production. But, how do you write a great script? What are some important factors to consider?

Fortunately, if you follow these simple tips, script writing shouldn’t be complex. You’ll start by creating your outline.

Create an Outline For Your Web Series

Remember when you were in school and your teachers made you write outlines for your essays and research papers before you actually started writing your first drafts? You might have thought you were wasting your time at first, but once you started writing, you found that your outlines gave you road maps to get your papers done and that your finished product was always better than if you’d just tried to wing it.

The same is true with your web series script. Sketch out your beginning, middle, and end. Fit all of the points you want to make in your web series into the right places, and then you can start writing your first draft.

Maintain a Consistent Identity with Characters

As you start to write, remember that you’re giving characters a specific identity in your web series. You want it to be consistent and recognizable, so your characters can’t use an ultra-formal tone in one scene and then a really relaxed tone with a lot of slang in the next. Keep your web series characters’ identity consistent.

Have a Reason for Each Scene

Now, as you write your web series script, think about each scene and how it adds to the storyline. Treat your web series like moviemakers treat feature films. For them, every scene costs money, and so every detail must mean something and contribute to the movie in some way. If James Bond gets a new gadget in the first reel, you know he’s going to use it by the third. In other words, don’t introduce any “gadgets” that you don’t intend to use.

Know Your Ending

Wrapping up your script, you need to have a strong ending. Don’t just stop, or your audience will be left confused, wondering what happened. Each scene in your web series should build upon the next, and they should all lead to a definitive conclusion for your story.

Read Through Your Favourite Scripts

Finally, if you’re running low on ideas or if you aren’t sure how to get a point across or make a transition, find the scripts of your favourite movies. Read through the scripts for them, and take notes on what really works to get an idea of what you can use for your own script writing to make your web series a success!