How to Get Royalty Free Music with YouTube Audio Library

As a YouTuber, you’ve no doubt been wondering about how to incorporate a good soundtrack for your YouTube videos. Unfortunately, you can’t just pick your favorite song and edit it into your next video, as you’ll likely be violating usage rights.

So what can you do? Enter YouTube’s audio library, an incredible free resource for YouTubers.

What is the Audio Library?

YouTube’s audio library is an extensive database of free music, ad-sponsored music, and free sound effects. If you’re looking for great music that doesn’t come with the risk of a copyright violation, then this is the tool you’ve been looking for. It’s packed with music of all genres and numerous sound effects that are ready to go for your YouTube videos.

How Does The YouTube Audio Library Work?

So, how can you take advantage of all of this free music? When you log in to YouTube, go to the Creator Studio menu. Then go to “Create”, and you’ll see a link for the audio library. Then you can choose from one of three categories:

  • Free Music
  • Ad-Supported Music
  • Sound Effects

In each category, you can search the database for the music and/or sounds you need for your YouTube video. Click on the file you want to download, and it will tell you about any restrictions on use of the song or sound effect. Then click on the download link on the right hand side of the screen, next to the song or sound you’ve chosen, and you can edit that sound file into your videos.

Free Music

All of the files in the Free Music section are free to use, but some files have copyright restrictions. For example, while you can use a lot of the files on any video you choose without any attribution, some artists require attribution for use.

This is pretty easy to figure out, as the files that require attribution will have a circular symbol with a person standing in it to the left of the popularity bar and the download link. Plus, when you click on the file’s name, it will tell you what you need to do to legally use the file in one of your YouTube videos.

Sound Effects

All of the sound effects in YouTube’s audio library are free, and you can search for them based on the sounds you need. If you find a sound effect that you think you’ll want to use later, you can click on the star to the right of the download link, and it will automatically be saved to your “Favorites” tab so you can easily find it later.

Ad-Supported Music

Ad-supported music is just like free music in that you won’t have to pay to use it. However, when you select a song from this category, ads will play before your video, and you may have fewer options for monetizing your YouTube videos.

By clicking on the music file you want to use in your YouTube video, you can view all restrictions on the song, including regions where it will be blocked if you use it.

Using the YouTube Audio Library for Your Channel

Be sure to read the rules and requirements carefully for the music files you use. If a free song requires attribution, you absolutely must include and give credit where credit is due.

And don’t be afraid to dig through the library to find the perfect beats, songs, and/or sound effects that work best with your content and your brand voice. The point is to enhance your vlogs, not just put any old sound or tune in to fill the space. Take your time and have fun with it!