How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media sites out there right now. Not only that, but it’s also one of the many great opportunities to promote your YouTube channel, too.

With more people pinning than ever before, you don’t want to miss your chance to really increase your YouTube channel’s exposure for free and without spending much time either.

What Is Pinterest?

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at Pinterest. Like other social networks, Pinterest is a great place to share ideas, products, services, and much more. Unlike other networks, though, its content is almost entirely based on images.

It gets its name from an older practice, when people would cut out pictures of things they liked and pin them to a corkboard for inspiration or reminders for later. With Pinterest, users virtually pin links to images on the websites they want to share.

How Does Pinterest Work?

And how is Pinterest social? How does it work? Well, when you create your Pinterest account, you’ll be able to create pin boards. These allow you to organize the things you pin in different categories. A lot of women getting married create wedding pin boards and pin pictures of dresses, catering ideas, and other wedding-related sites and products to them.

The social aspect comes in when you start following other people’s boards and getting others to follow yours. You can re-pin content that you like from other people’s pin boards to one of your own boards, and they can do the same for yours.

It’s a great way to visually track and trade cool sites and products based on their images, and you can easily use it to spread the word about your YouTube channel.

Now, let’s get started on your Pinterest page for your YouTube channel.

Branding your Pinterest Page

First of all, you don’t have to use your personal Pinterest page to promote your YouTube channel. Rather, create a Pinterest account specifically for your vlogs and brand it accordingly. Write an awesome description that’s rich with keywords that your viewers will search for.

Also, be sure to include links to your YouTube channel and other social media pages, as well.

Most importantly, make sure that your profile picture is a good shot of your logo or a related image that’s easily recognizable even in the form of a small thumbnail. You want your viewers to immediately recognize your YouTube channel when they see your pins and/or comments.

How to Use Pinterest for YouTube Marketing

Now, you might be thinking, “But I don’t have images to share! I’m linking to YouTube…” Well, each of your videos on your YouTube channel has a thumbnail image that’s used to help viewers recognize and choose the videos they want to watch. You get to choose a shot from each of your videos that will work the best for its thumbnail. And guess what? You can pin that thumbnail image and link it directly back to your video’s page from Pinterest.

You can also pin screenshots, behind-the-scene images, and other pictures that you post to your website or blog. These will give you rich, beautiful images to post on your boards and drive more traffic to your blog and your channel.

Creating Pinterest Boards for Your YouTube Videos

As we mentioned earlier, creating pin boards lets you post about different categories of ideas and items. You can also use them to organize your YouTube videos. If you have a beauty vlog channel, for example, you can separate your pins into “Hair”, “Makeup”, “Skincare”, etc. Then your viewers will be able to get to the videos they’re most interested in more easily.

Create Pins Actively

But don’t just pin your own videos and blog posts! Pinterest is very much a social network, and you can get a lot out of it by pinning others’ content, as well. Just make sure that you’re pinning related links that your audience will enjoy, and you’ll be on the right track.

The more helpful and entertaining things you pin, the more your audience will see you as an expert and go-to thought leader in your field.

Plus, as you connect with other Pinterest users and YouTube video bloggers on Pinterest, you’ll have chances for collaborations, shout-outs, and more. Get social with your pinning!

Write Great Descriptions for Your Pins

While we’re on the subject of your pinning habits, let’s talk about descriptions. Keywords are still important, and Google caches Pinterest boards for searches, too. So be sure to include really well written, keyword-rich (but not stuffed) descriptions for all of your pins. They’ll help users tell whether or not they’re looking at something they want to follow or something they’d prefer to skip.

Use Relevant Hashtags with Every Post

And on that note, let’s discuss hashtags. Hashtags give you the opportunity to get your pins a lot more exposure. If you add a trending hashtag to a pin, that pin will get put in the same category as all the other pins with that hashtag. Others will be looking specifically for that hashtag and will come upon your pin.

The more hashtags like these you use, the more people will see your pins. That said, don’t just tag every pin with every hashtag. Use Pinterest hashtags that are relevant to the content you’re linking to.

Make sure that you add a few different tags, but don’t include enough to write a novel, as people find this distracting and annoying. Focus on relevancy and even try branded hashtags of your own (your YouTube channel name, for example).

Interact With Users in Your Vlogging Niche

Do some keyword searches on Pinterest for other users like you. If you’re a tech vlogger, look for other tech vloggers and experts. Check out related topics as well. The people pinning about these items may be your future vlogging collab partners, or they may be potential followers and subscribers.

Reach out to the users in your niche by following their boards, liking their pins, and leaving them informative, positive, and valuable comments. Ask them questions about their specialties and focuses. Start and maintain conversations with them.

Also, encourage your fans and followers to re-pin your pins from your YouTube channel. And, of course, you can share pins on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, too. So be sure to encourage your followers to do it, too.

Get engaged with your Pinterest page, and you’ll get a lot out of it for your YouTube channel.

Give Pinterest Marketing a Try

All in all, remember that your YouTube videos are largely powered by their visual components, and so is Pinterest. By including relevant keywords and phrases in your profile description, your pin descriptions, and everywhere else possible, you’ll better optimize your Pinterest page for promoting your YouTube videos.

To really get the most out of Pinterest, though, use the best pictures available to you and interact and engage with your followers and other Pinterest users as much as possible.

As with any other social network, take advantage of the social side of it, and you’ll see the most benefits!