How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Online Forums

Online forums are great places to get to know your audience and promote your YouTube channel. The right forum, dedicated to the kinds of topics that you vlog about, will be full of people who will enjoy your posts and contribute meaningful, positive feedback in the comments and on your social media presences, too.

All that said, you cannot just show up in a forum and spam everyone with links to your YouTube videos. This is unethical, and it’s a good way to get banned from the forum. Not only that, but it’s also a good way to get a reputation as a spammer in the community that you want to appeal to. To get the most benefit out of promoting your YouTube channel in forums, follow these helpful tips.

Choosing the Right Forums

First of all, do some research online. Search for a forum related to your YouTube topic area or niche. You can Google keywords related to your niche along with the word “forum”. Browse through your results and find a few quality forums that are closely related to the topics that you discuss in your vlogs. Once you’ve found some that you like, it’s time to join them and start getting involved with the community (without spamming).

A Completed and Informational Profile

Before you join any conversations or start any threads of your own, your first step is to complete your forum profile. Don’t just fill in the minimum necessary to continue, either. This is a space where you can passively promote your YouTube channel to anyone who happens to read your profile and bio.

So, to start out, choose a username that’s related to your channel. We recommend choosing your YouTube channel’s name (unless it’s your real name and you’d like to maintain some distance between your personal life and the forum). Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s easily recognizable, easy to pronounce and spell, and that it is related to your niche.

Next, as you fill out your bio, be sure to mention your YouTube channel, what you do, and what you vlog about. If it’s allowed, go ahead and provide a link to your channel and your social media pages, too.

Your Forum Signature (if Applicable)

Next, create your signature. Most forums allow users the capability of creating a personalized signature and including it at the end of their posts and responses in discussion threads. If this is the case in the forum you’re joining, go ahead and write a short and snappy tagline and then include a link to a playlist of your most popular YouTube videos.

This way, when users like your contribution to a thread, they can follow the link, watch a few of your vlogs, and find out more about your YouTube channel. When they do this and see the quality content that you post on YouTube, they’re also likely to come back and engage more with you on the forum.

Providing Valuable Input

On that note, be sure that your contributions on any forum you join are valuable. Don’t just throw posts up spamming the forum with requests for other members to go watch your videos or visit your YouTube channel. Again, this is a great way to ruin your reputation and your chances of using any forum as a good promotional platform for your vlogging channel.

Read through a few threads before you make any contributions. If someone asks a question, view others’ responses before chiming in with your own to ensure you aren’t repeating what anyone else has already written. If you consistently pay attention, acknowledge others, participate in conversations, and leave quality feedback and input, you’ll gain a reputation in the forum as a valuable member of the community and an expert in your topic area.

Other users will be very likely, as this happens, to visit your profile, read your bio, and follow your links to your YouTube channel and/or social media platforms. The relevancy of your comments, questions, and answers and the quality of your vlogs will speak for themselves.

The more you provide earnest and sincere engagement, the more people will visit to your channel, watch your videos, and then come back to engage with you on the forums about them… and the cycle will continue like this as you gain more and more viewers and subscribers to your channel.

Forum Marketing Tips

If you want to get the most out of promoting your YouTube channel on forums, be choosy about the forums you participate in. Select the ones that have the highest quality conversations that are most closely related to your niche and topic area on YouTube.

Be respectful of other users and their opinions. Always share and contribute only worthwhile and thoughtful comments and responses. Ask on-topic questions and pay attention to the responses you get. If something is unclear or confusing, ask for clarification.

Most importantly, don’t just post a video from your YouTube channel unless it is relevant, helpful and in line with a conversation or question that someone has asked in a discussion thread. When in doubt, just stick to quality discussion and let your peers in the forum find their own way to your vlogs via your signature and/or your profile.

With these tips, you should have everything you need to start marketing your YouTube channel and your vlogs with forums related to your niche. Enjoy!