How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Instagram

Instagram is a hugely popular image and short video-based social network that’s growing by leaps and bounds every day. Thanks to the visual aspect of the network, vloggers can easily benefit from having Instagram accounts and using them to promote their YouTube channels and build their fan bases. If you’ve just started an Instagram account or if you’re looking for ways to grow your vlogging brand, check out these seven helpful tips.

Use Hashtags on Instagram

You’re probably already familiar with hashtags. Whenever you see a #hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you can click on it to see all of the images, videos, or posts that users have made using the same hashtag.

Just by using a few hashtags in the captions of your images, you can get people to see them who don’t already follow you and who may not have any connections with you other than their interest in those hashtags.

Use Trending Hashtags

On that note, though, you won’t get as much exposure if you don’t use popular hashtags. You can make your own up, and sometimes they’ll be the same ones others have made, but if you really want to increase your exposure, look at relevant hashtags that are trending as you post.

Fortunately, you’ll come across many helpful tools for finding popular Instagram hashtags with a simple search on Google.

Brand Your Instagram Photos

If you share interesting and fun images on Instagram, people are going to want to re-gram (share) them. You can build brand recognition by watermarking your images with your YouTube channel’s name, logo, and brand colors.

Then, even if someone takes your image out of context, it will still be recognizable as your work, and people can search for your channel’s brand or user name to find more of your pictures and videos.

You can also add branding to your posts by creating your own custom hashtag. Tag each of your pictures with this, and people who see them through other channels (like trending hashtags) will be likely to click on your hashtag and see all of your work in one place.

Link to Your Latest YouTube Video In Your Profile

As of right now, Instagram only allows live links in bios, but that doesn’t mean you can’t link to your latest YouTube video. You can get more people to go to your Instagram home page and see more of your pictures and videos and you can get them to check out your YouTube channel at the same time.

How? Just post a picture or video clip, and in the caption write something like, “Want more? Check out the link to my YouTube channel (or latest video) in my bio!”

Build Interest In Your YouTube Channel

Of course, you can’t just use hashtags and links if you want people to get interested in your YouTube channel. You also need to give them something to look at. Because Instagram is a social network based on visuals, it gives you a lot to work with here.

You can build interest for your YouTube channel by sharing previews, short video clips, outtakes, behind-the-scenes pictures and videos, and much more!

If you’re collaborating with another creator, create a preview and post it on Instagram to promote your upcoming collab video. If you’re a beauty vlogger, give sneak peeks at the stunning results of the tutorial you’ll be posting in the next few days.

Are you a DIY home décor vlogger? Post before and after pictures of projects you’ve done for your upcoming video(s). You can even post the YouTube thumbnail you’ve chosen for your next video to build a bit of buzz before it goes online.

Share Exclusive Content

Want to give your YouTube viewers a reason to follow your Instagram page? Give them exclusive material that they’ll only see on Instagram. Take a behind-the-scenes tour. Give an extra beauty tip that really completes or complements your last tutorial. Share secrets and tips.

And make sure that your audience knows that they’re getting something special when they keep up with you on Instagram. If you post quality, exclusive content here, your Instagram followers will not only continue engaging with you here, but they’ll also be more interested in checking out your full videos on YouTube.

Interact with Your Instagram Followers

Finally, as with all of your social media presences, get interactive and you’ll get a lot more value out of your Instagram presence. For example, you could post a shot from your most recent YouTube video and ask for feedback. You can also make an image and overlay text on it to ask a question of your audience, or you can ask for their opinions in your image’s caption.

However you decide to start a conversation with your audience, be sure to interact with them in the comments. And be sure to direct your replies to them by mentioning their usernames. For example, you could say, “@Instagram User, Thanks for the feedback! What topic would you like me to cover in an upcoming video?”

Stay consistent and get as interactive as you can, and Instagram can be a great tool to grow your YouTube channel’s brand!