6 Things About Popular YouTube Vloggers and Their Channels

With the growth of vlogging in recent years, YouTube has become home to so many great vloggers. What are some traits of these successful YouTubers? In this article, we wanted to go over six characteristics of popular YouTube vloggers:

They are Unique

Successful vloggers are people that approach things a little differently, provide a little personal spin on a topic, have a channel theme that you’ve never seen before, or just challenge basic preconceptions in an area. They are vloggers that people instantly hit subscribe for – and if you want to do this, you need to think long and hard about what your unique angle is going to be. Showcase your personality! Let viewers know what makes your YouTube channel unique.

They are Committed to Vlogging on YouTube

For successful vloggers, vlogging is not just a hobby. For them it is an artform, and it is something that they dedicate time, effort,  and great thought into. By being totally 100% committed to creating quality content for their fans, their fans will value them, and encourage their friends to watch their vlogs. By giving people something of value, your viewers will become a part of your YouTube community, and your return viewership.

They Have a Passion for Their Vlog Topics

You should be able to talk about your passion in a way that enthuses people, in a way that makes them feel excited about it, and that they want to find out more. It is really easy to tell whether a vlogger is passionate about their topic, because it will come across in every vlog that they make. They enjoy want they do, and if you enjoy what you do, you’ll soon find that people want to watch you.

They Engage and Interact with Their Audience

One of the best things that a YouTube vlogger can do for their viewers is to engage with and interact with their audience. Sure, it is easy to say this, but what does it mean in practice? It means that if you are not responding to YouTube comments that people leave you, not responding to social media comments, not appreciating your fans and supporters, ignoring video requests without explaining why, and downright upsetting people, you are not doing it right.

You need to make your fans, followers, viewers and subscribers feel as though they are just as important to your YouTube channel as you are.

They Network with other Vloggers

Networking is often seen as a strange word that is used within high level businesses, but actually it’s quite simple. What you will often see successful vloggers on YouTube do is build a network with other vloggers by commenting on their videos, making suggestions, and encouraging them in what they do. This leads other vloggers to pay attention to them and comment on their videos, and so they build up a network of likeminded people who vlog.

You can easily start creating this by taking a real and genuine interest in vloggers within your niche or industry.

They Focus on Creating a Vlog Community

If you want to be a successful vlogger in the long term, then you need to be thinking about ways to create an engaged community that will last: and that means creating a community for your YouTube channel and vlogs. Engage with your fans on social media, host Twitter chats, Facebook contests, Q&A YouTube videos, respond to comments and much more! You’ll soon amaze yourself at what you can accomplish with an engaged community.

Keep these characteristics of popular YouTube vloggers in mind as you embark on your vlogging journey!