6 Tips for Partnering with Brands on YouTube Channel Sponsorships

One of the top ways to make money on YouTube as a vlogger is by partnering with brands on sponsorships. Many creators monetize their vlog channels this way by collaborating with companies to give brand mentions, do product reviews, and otherwise promote the brand(s) they work with in their YouTube video content.

Sponsored content is great for earning revenue as a vlogger on YouTube, but it can be a little bit tricky if you don’t choose the right brand(s) or you aren’t open with your audience about your sponsorships. After all, while your sponsors help you make money with your YouTube channel, they’re interested in partnering you because you have an audience.

If you alienate your audience, you’ll lose your viewership, and you’ll potentially lose your YouTube sponsorship opportunities, too. Fortunately, creating a positive experience for yourself, your viewers, and your partnering brands is actually pretty simple. You just have to choose the right sponsors, be open and honest about your YouTube sponsorships, and keep these simple things in mind.

Partner on Relevant YouTube Sponsorship Campaigns

Place an emphasis on partnering with brands that make products related to what you vlog about most.First of all, let’s say that you have a hair styling channel on YouTube. Are you focused on easy tricks for great hair styles? You might want to choose a sponsor that makes and sells flat irons and curling irons over one that specializes in fishing gear. When it comes to making money with YouTube sponsorships, it’s important to keep your vlog audience and their interests in mind.

Choose a Brand or Product That You Believe In

On that note, avoid accepting a YouTube sponsorship for something that you don’t believe in. If you wouldn’t use it or promote it without payment, don’t market it to your community of viewers. You don’t want to get a reputation for marketing any brand that doesn’t have a good product. Maintain integrity with your content; your viewers will appreciate it, and you’ll get better sponsors over the long run.

Keep Your Style Consistent in Sponsored Videos

Some brands may try to get you to relay a particular message in a particular tone. If the company is trying have their brand voice overpower yours, don’t let it happen. Your brand voice and your personality have gotten you the YouTube presence you’ve earned, which is something that the right partners will respect when sponsoring your YouTube channel and videos. Stick with keeping your style and tone consistent for your channel’s community.

Give Viewers a Reason to Be Interested in The Brand

While keeping your unique style, you can give your YouTube viewers something to get excited about with your sponsor by showing them what you love about the brand and their products. Does this brand make the coolest phone case you’ve ever used? Do you love that they’re always coming up with cool new designs that are very unique?

Talk about why you chose to promote this brand, why you really like them, and give viewers a reason to be interested, as well. The brands partnering with you will really appreciate it, and will be more inclined towards future partnerships.

Disclose All YouTube Sponsorships to Viewers

If a company has paid you to promote a product in your vlog(s) – or even if they’ve simply gifted you a product to review – you owe it to your viewers to inform them of the YouTube sponsorship.

When you are upfront about this, they’ll know that you have a vested interest in featuring the product, but that’s okay. When you mention that you’re sponsored by a particular brand, go ahead and talk a little bit about why you chose to accept their sponsorship and why you like them.

Trying to hide a sponsorship is always a bad idea. If and when your viewers find out, it will look like you were being dishonest with them, and you’ll lose their trust. If, on the other hand, you are open from the beginning, they have no reason to have any issues with your content.

Provide Great Value to Brands Sponsoring Your Videos

As you keep your audience in mind when making money with YouTube sponsorships, don’t forget to keep the brands in mind, too. Sponsors will happily keep paying you or providing free products if they see that you bring them great value in your YouTube videos.

Give them shout-outs. Link to their page in your video descriptions. Spend quality time when reviewing their products. You can even use social media to tag the brand, re-tweet them, and/or share relevant content from their page.

The more value you provide from your online presence, the more brands will be willing to continue engaging with you and providing you with YouTube sponsorships, and the more attention you’ll gain from other brands interested in partnering with you, as well.

Place an emphasis on these six things when making money on YouTube with sponsorships, and you should have no trouble creating value that pleases your viewers and your partners.