5 Tips for Dealing with Negative YouTube Comments

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Don’t read the comments!” Well, as a vlogger on YouTube, you really have to read the comments if you want to engage with your audience and build a community around your YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, this means that you are going to encounter some negative comments, and you will inevitably have to deal with some trolls. Fortunately, if you keep a few things in perspective and maintain a positive attitude you can easily handle these sad realities of the Internet and stay focused on the viewers and commenters who matter.

Avoid Arguing

First of all, when you see a comment like, “This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen all week!” just ignore it. If you feel like you must reply to it, avoid saying anything hateful or mean. You may ask what the commenter would rather see or if there is anything that you could improve in future YouTube videos. However, if you do this, prepare yourself for more negativity and more trolling.

In some cases, a negative comment like this might just be the result of someone having a bad day. In that instance, your positive reply could turn the situation around, while a negative reply will only make you look bad and could damage your brand’s reputation. In other cases, unfortunately, the person commenting is just being a troll and only wants attention. If they respond with something vulgar or hateful, feel free to either ignore them or delete the comment entirely.

Separate Constructive Criticism from Negativity

On that note, not all of your worthwhile and sincere comments will be positive. You will get some constructive criticism and some critical questions on your YouTube channel. These are opportunities for improvement, and if you handle them gracefully you can convert someone from a critic to a fan.

However, if, as in the example above, you respond to a question or criticism politely and professionally only to receive a vulgar or rude response, you’re dealing with a troll. Again, feel free to ignore them entirely.

Don’t Give Them the Attention They Desire

Another Internet adage comes to mind at this point. “Don’t feed the trolls.” Learn these words and live by them. The majority of the time, trolls enjoy and thrive on confrontation because they get the opportunity to feel powerful while they bully someone else from behind the safety of their computer screen.

Arguing with them, even in the most polite terms, is usually a waste of time. They aren’t interested in hearing reason; they’re interested in picking a fight and getting attention. Don’t let their negativity and confrontational behavior waste your time and energy. Instead, focus on the positive and constructive comments on your videos. Respond to these, and everyone who reads through your YouTube comments threads will see those negative comments for exactly what they are.

Understand What They Mean

Because you care about your YouTube channel, the topics you talk about, and the work you put into making your vlogs, it can be easy to take negative comments personally. You can easily fool yourself into thinking that a trolling comment actually has some bearing on your YouTube videos and your channel. Keep in mind what these comments actually mean, though: nothing at all.

Negative comments with no constructive criticism or good intentions behind them are just empty words. The people who write them are doing it because they have nothing better to do, literally.

Don’t try to convert a troll because they’re not interested in coming to a reasonable consensus or finding a solution. They’re interested in stirring up trouble, and their words mean nothing at all.

Stay Confident and Positive

Remember, trolls will say the same things about any YouTube video they watch. Every YouTube vlogger gets them. Those negative comments are not a reflection on you or your hard work. They’re a reflection on the people who wrote them. So stay confident about the great content you’re producing and pay attention to all of the many positive aspects of vlogging. And remember, don’t feed the trolls. Instead, spend your valuable time interacting with your supporters and fans! Stay awesome 🙂