How to Stay Motivated to Grow Your New YouTube Channel As a Vlogger

Staying on track for growing your YouTube channel vlogs
Photo by George Milton

When you got started with vlogging on YouTube, you were really excited about doing something new and fun that might even turn into a part of a career for you down the road. You were enthusiastic and highly motivated, and you chose a vlogging niche for YouTube video topics that you were passionate about and that you knew would keep your interest.

Unfortunately, as can be very common, you may have gotten into a routine with your vlogs, and vlogging has been losing its sparkle lately. Are you having trouble finding the motivation to continue uploading consistently, but definitely don’t want to quit?

You know that to be successful in growing your YouTube channel you have to keep going, but some days are just harder than others. What can you do? Consider these tips on how to keep yourself motivated as a vlogger on YouTube.

Remember Your YouTube Vlogging Goals

When you started vlogging, you had goals for your new YouTube channel. If you didn’t write them down then, go ahead and write them down now. Write down a list of the things you want to achieve and accomplish with your YouTube channel, along with why you want to achieve those goals. Then post that list on your wall above your desk so that you can remind yourself what you’re working towards whenever you feel unmotivated.

If you started vlogging because you love your niche and you want to give it more exposure, write that down. If you started vlogging and setting goals for your YouTube channel because you wanted to eventually complement your job and make vlogging a part of your career, write that down, too.

Break Your Goals Down Into Short Milestones

Sometimes certain long-term goals aren’t going to be huge motivators, though. It can be hard to visualize yourself quitting your job to be a full-time vlogger when you’re only getting started with your new vlog channel on YouTube.

So, instead of focusing on just the big picture and the long-term goals you’ve set for your YouTube channel, break them down so that you have short-term milestones along the way that you can achieve more easily.

Track Your Progress on YouTube

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you feel like you have thousands of miles to go before you reach your goals, stop looking ahead for a moment. Look back at how far you’ve come.

How many YouTube videos have you made since starting a new channel?

What new video creation or editing skills have you learned?

How many YouTube subscribers have you gained to date?

How many views do your videos get on average now versus when you first started vlogging?

Keep track of your progress to measure your overall skills and channel growth as a creator, and you’ll have a better time staying on task and motivated.

Take Breaks to Stay Refreshed & Focused

If you’re feeling burnt out, don’t forget to take a break and stay relaxed and refreshed. Remember, that you do this because you enjoy it. Whenever you’re having a hard time making yourself focus, for example as you try to plan new content or concepts, take a breather and do something else for a while. Then come back when you’re refreshed and ready.

Remember Your Passion For Creating Vlogs

Finally, successful YouTube vloggers are passionate about their niches and their vlog topics. If you aren’t passionate about yours anymore, then take some time to think about what’s changed. Do you need to take scheduled time off of vlogging to explore what you loved about your niche again?

As you revisit your passion for your YouTube channel’s niche and your vlogging topics, gather a list of new topics that you might want to cover to create a new perspective into your vlogging channel on YouTube.

Think about how a video format change or a slight shift in focus might make everything fresh and fun again.

Above all else, though, know that even the biggest YouTube channels today had to go through slow periods with patience and continued effort, which is essential in growing your vlog channel.