How to Make Good Product Review YouTube Videos

Whether you’re a gamer, a beauty guru, a tech enthusiast, or a YouTuber in any other kind of niche, at some point you may consider reviewing products in your industry.

Product reviews make great vlogs. They can be a lot of fun, and they can actually help you make money with your YouTube channel, too. How? Many YouTube sponsorships are based upon creators reviewing products or services from brands relevant to their audience.

If you go this route, though, you’ll need to do it effectively, and you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to make good product review videos on your YouTube channel when partnering with companies for sponsorships.

Work With Reputable Brands on Your Channel

First of all, always go with brands that have good reputations. These are brands that people have positive experiences with. Your viewers want to know about the latest products from these companies, and they’re going to be searching for information related to them.

If you review a brand that’s known to get negative feedback or one that has inconsistent quality, people are going to wonder what your motivation was. If you review a product for a new brand being established, you need to make sure that you show why you did the review and what makes the product so great.

Your reviews should be based upon providing value to viewers, and a big part of that revolves around the companies and products mentioned within the content. Do a little bit of research so that you can be fully satisfied with what you’re recommending to people.

Explain What You Personally Like

Next, remember that your viewers watch your YouTube videos for more than just stripped-down information. They want to know what you think and what you have to say, so don’t be afraid to say what you personally like about the products.

You could talk about how a product helps you with a particular problem, what you like about its packaging, how it works, etc. Viewers want your overall opinion, so give them an honest and personal take in your product review video.

YouTube Disclosure Is a Must

Now, if you are being compensated for your product review in any way, you need to disclose that information. Even if the manufacturer just sent you a free sample and asked for a review, tell your YouTube viewers that.

It’s completely okay to do sponsored reviews on YouTube, but it’s not okay to lie to your audience. If you make a sponsored YouTube video and tell your viewers about it, they’ll know that you’re providing an honest opinion on the product, and they won’t have a problem with that.

If you don’t tell them, and they find out, then they’re going to feel like they can’t trust you or any of your reviews. Failing to disclose your YouTube sponsorships, even little ones that just cover free products, can lose you a lot of viewers.

Include a Call to Action in Your Review Videos

At the end of your YouTube review videos, don’t just leave your viewers hanging. You want to encourage your viewers to check out the brand and product that you’re reviewing, and they will – if you give them a little encouragement. Tell them why they should learn more about this brand and/or this product, and they’ll be more likely to do so.

Examples of calls to action might be something like, “For more information on [Brand X’s] cruelty-free cosmetics, check out the great products on their website,” or, “[Brand Y] has a ton of very cool looking, Smart iPhone cases. Head over to the page linked below to see all of the designs they have to offer.”

Don’t Let Product Reviews Change Your YouTube Style

Finally, when viewers come to your YouTube channel, they expect a certain type of video. They keep coming back to watch your vlogs because they like your style, your personality, and the way you create your content, so why would you change all that just because you’re doing a review?

Always make your content and video quality a priority so that your audience can expect to get the same information and entertainment, whether you’re doing a regular vlog or you’re reviewing a cool new product. Ideally, your YouTube review videos should really blend right in with the rest of the content you upload to your channel.

Consider these tips in mind to help make successful reviews that work for you, your viewers, and the brands you’re partnering with. Creating great product review videos on YouTube involves four fundamentals – always be honest, never compromise the quality of your content, provide value, and have fun with your videos!