How to Make Your Twitter Account Private

In this social media tutorial, we’ll be going over the steps on how to make your Twitter account private. When you register for an account on Twitter your profile and tweets are public by default. Anyone that is signed into Twitter is able to follow your account and/or engage with the tweets on your profile. Those not signed-in are still able to view your content. However, if you prefer to limit your tweets to a specific audience, you can select an option to “protect your tweets”. After doing so, other Twitter users will have to send you a follow request that must be approved before they can view and interact with your tweets. Here’s how to make your Twitter account private.

Visit Your Twitter Homepage & Select “More”

Sign-in and go to your Twitter homepage. On the left side of the page, you’ll come across multiple options. Select the “More” option.

Select the more option on Twitter settings

Twitter Profile Settings and Privacy

After you’ve selected “more”, you’ll come across additional options as the drop down menu expands. From here, select the “Settings and privacy” tab next to the gear icon.

Settings and privacy option on Twitter account menu

Account Privacy and Safety

You’ll now come across multiple settings to limit account visibility on Twitter that relates to your profile page. You can also find multiple account level settings here. The next step on how to make your Twitter account private is to select the “Privacy and safety” tab.Privacy and safety tab on Twitter account page settings for private account

Audience & Tagging Settings For Twitter

After selecting the above setting, the Privacy and safety menu will expand to show multiple options to manage the information you see and share on Twitter. You’re able to adjust a variety of settings such as tweet tagging, direct messages, Twitter spaces and more. The next step is to select “Audience and tagging”.

Audience settings for how to make your Twitter account private

Final Step: Protect Your Tweets Setting

You’re now on the final step and will see an option that says, “Protect your Tweets”. To the right, you’ll find an empty box that can be ticked. After ticking the box, you may receive an additional pop-up box prompting you to confirm your selection.

Protect Your Tweets option for how to make your twitter account private tutorial

Once completed, your Twitter profile is now private. When those who are not currently a follower visit your page, they’ll come across a message from the platform that only approved followers can see your Tweets, and to access them, will need to send you a follow request.

Keep in mind that anyone following your page before you decided to make your account private will still be able to engage with your Tweets. Follow the above tutorial on how to make your Twitter account private. If you’re interested in learning more about the difference between public and private tweets, this page provides more in-depth examples.