How to Make Money on YouTube without AdSense

Whenever you read anything online about making money on YouTube, the first thing people talk about is Google AdSense. Yes, AdSense is definitely one of the best ways to monetize your YouTube videos to earn revenue every time someone engages with an ad on your channel.

However, it’s not the only way to make money as a vlogger.

If for any reason you can’t get ads on your channel through Google, or you want to get more revenue from your YouTube channel than you’re getting from ads, you’ll be interested to know that you can make money on YouTube in a few different ways – none of which involve AdSense. Here’s three really effective ways to monetize your content as a vlogger.

Getting Sponsors For Your YouTube Channel

First, instead of limiting your monetization to AdSense ad revenue, why not get a sponsorship from one or more brands that you like? The retail industry has figured out that YouTubers bring businesses a lot of customers, and more and more brands are looking to sponsor YouTube creators to get more customers and to spread their brand recognition.

You can get sponsorships for your YouTube channel, for a series of videos, or for a single video, and your sponsorships can range from free products in exchange for a review to a significant amount of money in exchange for product and brand promotions.

The types of YouTube sponsorships you get will depend a lot on how big your audience reach is and how much you want to do to promote the brands that sponsor you.

Getting sponsors might sound intimidating at first, but it’s actually not that complicated or difficult. If you have a specific brand in mind, go to their website and look to see if they have an established sponsorship program. If so, follow their guidelines and rules for applying for sponsorship. If not, you’ll need to put together a sponsorship proposal.

Writing a YouTube Sponsorship Proposal

In general, your sponsorship proposal will consist of an introduction and a more in-depth proposal letter. Your introduction will tell them a bit about your YouTube channel, what you vlog about, and why they might be interested in sponsoring you. In the sponsorship proposal letter, you’ll tell them what you can offer them in exchange for their sponsorship.

Don’t ever just recycle your sponsorship proposals. These should be specifically written to each brand that you approach about sponsorship. No one wants to read a cut-and-paste template letter. They want to know that you’ve put time, effort, and thought into choosing them, and they’ll want to see why you’re a good fit for their brand and what you can do for them.

Sponsorship Marketplace for YouTube Channels

If you don’t already have specific brands in mind that you want to approach for sponsorship, you should check out a marketplace site like FameBit. These types of sites are specifically designed to connect YouTube creators with brands that want to partner with them.

You’ll still need to write really great proposals to get your desired brands’ attention, but you can rest assured that every brand you approach through one of these sites is actually looking for YouTubers to sponsor.

Now that you have a better idea of how YouTube sponsorship works, let’s move on to another way to make money on YouTube without AdSense.

Create Your Own Channel Merch

Next, take advantage of your YouTube channel’s branding. You’ve already created a cool logo, and you already have attractive brand colors, right? If not, you should really create and choose these so that you can give your channel and all of your content a uniform look that will help improve your brand recognition with new and returning viewers.

Creating and selling merch and clothing for your channel might also sound like a big endeavor, and if you’re not familiar with print on demand (PoD) sites like Spreadshirt or District Lines, you might be thinking that it’ll be too expensive to try. However, these sites take all of the expensive hassle out of selling branded merchandise and clothing.

Basically, you’ll choose the kinds of merchandise you want to sell, and then you’ll upload your designs and/or logos to create the products to sell online. Then you’ll have an online store through the site that you can promote on your YouTube channel’s official blog, social media pages, and even link to in your YouTube videos and descriptions.

The key here is to choose high quality products that your audience will actually love and want to wear and use. Don’t go with cheap, thin white t-shirts. Go a step up in quality and opt for shirts in your brand colors. Create quality products that people can use for a while.

And, when in doubt, ask your YouTube viewers what they’d like to see in your online store. Find out what kinds of merch they like and which designs really appeal to them. You can even host a voting poll, or hold a design contest on social media to let one of your fans create a cool design that you’ll sell.

Just remember, you want to sell a lot of merchandise to get your YouTube channel’s name out there and help your brand continue to grow, so avoid setting your prices too high.

Create & Sell an eBook For Your Niche

Finally, self-publishing is the way of the future with literature, how-to books, and more. For example, let’s say you’re a beauty vlogger with an expertise in your channel’s niche. You have lots of great tips and tricks that your viewers find useful and entertaining, and you have a unique perspective that makes your audience want to watch your beauty vlogs. You can use all of that and translate it into a fun and informative eBook that your audience will love.

The best part is we’re not talking about writing a long novel or textbook. Your eBook can be short and sweet, as long as you provide readers with quality content. Just 20-50 pages of cool insights, interesting beauty tips, visual tutorials of popular make-up looks, and relevant information with your unique spin on it could be a great success.

Whether you vlog about tech, travel, or anything else, you can go beyond YouTube by sharing your expertise, thoughts and/or experiences in-depth with your following through an eBook filled with quality material.

Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program, all you have to do is create the material and either upload it as a Microsoft Word file or a .PDF file. Then the program will take care of the formatting, and you can either upload a cover or design one on the site using their stock images.

Once you’ve created your ebook, it will appear for sale on Amazon, and you can use your YouTube channel and social media presence to promote it.

While Google AdSense is still one of the top ways to monetize your vlogs, you should definitely consider these options to earn more revenue as a vlogger. In fact, a lot of full time YouTubers are using these same monetization strategies to make money on YouTube.