How to Make a Playlist on YouTube

Want to get more views on YouTube and increase your watch time? In this step by step tutorial, we’ll be going over the process on how to make a playlist on YouTube, which will provide you with an opportunity to get more views and have viewers spend more time on your channel. Let’s begin!

Step 1) To get started, visit your YouTube channel’s Creator Studio.

Step 2) Select the Video Manager drop down menu and then choose Playlists. You will find Video Manager located between Dashboard and Live Streaming on the menu panel.

Step 3) You’ll now be on your channel’s playlists page. To make a YouTube playlist, select the New Playlist button found towards the top right of the page.

Step 4) After doing so, you’ll be prompted to enter a title for the playlist. It’s important to choose a title that’s descriptive, engaging, and optimized to capture the interest of people who come across your playlists. This will help increase your CTR (click-through rate), bringing you more views on your YouTube videos and channel.

In addition to entering a title, you can also customize privacy settings for your playlist. The three available options are:

  • Public – Anyone can view the playlist and its content.
  • Unlisted – Only those with a specific link can watch the playlist.
  • Private – Only you can view the playlist.

Once you are satisfied with your title and privacy settings, go ahead and select create.

Step 5) You’re now on the official page for your new playlist. From here, you can start adding YouTube videos, along with customizing the playlist settings and description.

Adding Videos

To begin adding videos to your playlist, select the “add videos” button, found on the right of the page. After doing so, you will come across three different ways to add content to your playlist:

  • Searching for videos on YouTube
  • Entering a specific video url
  • Choosing from your own YouTube videos

As an important piece of advice, avoid simply adding all of your videos to one playlist. It’s much more effective to create multiple playlists containing a group of videos that are relevant and transition well with each other. This will keep your viewers engaged and inclined to continue watching additional videos, helping you get more views on YouTube.

Playlist Settings

As mentioned above, you can also customize your playlist description and settings.

Basic Settings

In addition to the privacy options, the basic settings menu tab allows you to set an ordering format for videos added to the playlist. You’ll also come across three check-boxes for adding new videos to the beginning of the playlist, allowing embedding, and setting it as an official series.

Automatically Adding New Content

If you’d like to automatically add new YouTube videos to the playlist, select the “Auto Add” tab. From here, you can set “rules” based on the title, description, and tags of your videos that YouTube will use to automatically include them into the playlist.

For example, let’s say you have decided to make a playlist on YouTube for bicep workouts on your fitness channel. By setting up a rule for “bicep”, all your bicep workout videos would be added after being uploaded.

Using Your Playlist for Collaborations

One really cool feature is that you can assign playlist control your collaboration partners by enabling the option to do so under the collaborate menu tab. To give other creators the ability to add videos to the playlist, select the “Get link” button. You can also visit the same collaborate tab at any time to deactivate that specific link.

Getting Your Link

After you are completely satisfied with all of the playlist customizations and settings, you can get its official link by selected the “share” button.

Well, that concludes this tutorial for how to make a playlist on YouTube. You can visit our tutorials page to find more step by step guides for YouTubers!