How to Collaborate With Other YouTube Channels

Many successful vloggers on YouTube collaborate with other vloggers in their industry or niche. Collaborating opens up a lot of opportunities for spreading the word about your channel and building up your relationships within the community of people who follow channels like yours.

It’s a great way to network, and it’s a lot of fun, too, but a lot of new vloggers have trouble getting started. So, to give you a bit of a head start, here are a few tips for making collab videos and collaborating with other YouTubers.

Guest Appearances on Each Other’s Videos

Guest appearances are always a lot of fun. They give fans some variety and a chance to follow someone new, too. If you live close enough to another vlogger in your niche – or if you’re visiting their area or vice versa – you can reach out to them and offer to exchange guest appearances on each other’s videos.

When you have them on your YouTube vlog, you’ll not only introduce them, but you should also include a link to their channel in your video description and possibly an annotation link at the end of the video.

This will allow your viewers to find your guest’s channel and check out their YouTube videos. In turn, to promote their appearance on your channel, they’ll give you a shout-out in their videos and send their viewers over to your channel. And, of course, you’ll do the same for them when you appear on their video(s).

Make a YouTube Video Together and Divide It

The beauty of collaboration lies in its ability to immediately expand your audience. A lot of vloggers take advantage of this by making collab videos and then dividing them into parts or episodes. In other words, you would create a video with one or more other YouTube vloggers, and then you’d split it up among yourselves.

Part A might go on your YouTube channel, and then part B would go on your collab partner’s channel. At the end of part A, you could say something like, “To find out what happens next, head over to my partner’s [YouTube name] channel!” Then you’d link to part B.

The key to making this work is to include a strong call to action at the end. You don’t want to leave your audience wondering where they need to go to see more.

Upload Your Videos to Each Other’s Channels

Now, unfortunately, you can’t always work with other YouTubers in person. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work together at all. It just means you have to get a little bit creative because there are actually quite a few ways to collaborate online without ever being in the same place at the same time.

The simplest of these methods is to just exchange videos and upload them to each other’s YouTube channels. Basically, this is exactly like guest blogging on someone else’s website, but with video instead of writing. If you’re going to make appearances on each other’s channels, though, make sure that your content is relevant to each other’s audiences.

For example, it’s going to be a lot easier for two beauty vloggers or two gaming vloggers to exchange guest videos than it would be for a beauty vlogger and a DIY home improvement vlogger. However, you don’t necessarily have to stick with guest vlogging for people with channels just like yours. Reach out to vloggers who create related but varied content from your own. Then find some common ground and create interesting videos for each other.

Remember, when you create a guest video, that you’re making a first impression on a whole new audience and that someone else has trusted you to create quality content for the audience they’ve cultivated. So always do everything you can to create a really effective guest video that will represent you well and impress your potential new fans and viewers.

Collaborate With Google Hangouts on Air

If you want to create a video with another YouTuber or have them appear as a guest in one of your videos, but you can’t get together to do it, you can also use Google Hangouts on Air. With this handy, free tool, you can easily record your Google Hangouts session and then upload it to YouTube. It’s an easy way to create a collaboration video, even when you can’t get together in person.

Collaborate by Exchanging Shout-Outs

In fact, you can even collaborate with other YouTubers without even creating collab videos together or for each other’s channels. Instead, you can just mention each other and link to each other’s YouTube channels in your video descriptions and/or in annotation links. This is an especially good collaboration technique for vloggers who have a strict schedule and who plan their content in advance because it lets you collaborate without obstructing either of your video schedules.

When you mention your collab partner, be sure to say something positive that will make your viewers want to check out their YouTube videos. And always encourage your viewers to subscribe to your collaborator’s channel. They’ll do the same for you, and you’ll both grow your audience on YouTube.

Collaborate on Social Media

Finally, you can also easily collaborate with other YouTubers on social media. You can exchange shout-outs and mentions on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram, as you did in your videos, but that’s not all. You can also share and retweet each other’s YouTube videos, too. You could even start a group on Facebook or a community on Google+ together, or you could host a Twitter Chat to discuss relevant topics with viewers, as well.

The more involved you get with the community surrounding your niche, the more successful your channel will be. And collaborating with other YouTubers is, by far, one of the most effective ways to get involved, spread the word, and grow your YouTube channel.