How to Hire a Freelancer for Your YouTube Channel

As your YouTube channel grows its reach, you may be interested in working on additional projects for your community of viewers.

Whether it’s creative graphic design, advanced video editing, assisting with channel merch, managing content, and anything else that relates to your YouTube channel’s projects, at times you may not have enough time or expertise to complete them. That’s where freelancers can be of great help!

Thanks to platforms such as Upwork and many others, there are many freelancers who excel in a variety of areas which YouTubers can easily connect with for projects in relation to their channel.

There is nothing more valuable to you than your time, and some tasks don’t require a year-round team member. This is where freelancers can be your best friends. Hiring professionals who specialize in specific areas to work on short-term contracts is a great way to help yourself focus on what you need to accomplish.

While it can be a little confusing at first, hiring freelancers is a straight forward process thanks to many online avenues for reaching the right professionals. Here are six tips on finding the right freelancer for your YouTube channel’s projects:

Have a Clear Idea of What You Need From a Freelancer

If you approach a freelancer with a vague idea of tasks that need doing and a role that needs filling, you may not get exactly what you pictured. Your expectations must be exact, especially when working with freelancers that don’t have prior experience which relates to your style and preferences. This ensures that you pay a fair price for the work, and get what you need.

Read Up on Their Reviews and Past History

The Internet is teeming with freelancers in every niche. Many are professionals with decades of experience, but not all. One of the easiest ways to filter out those who aren’t right for you is to take a look at their feedback.

A great thing about platforms like Upwork is that they have a public feedback page from past clients of freelancers (and not just what the freelancer decides to show). Experienced professionals that may be a good fit for you should have plenty of reviews from satisfied clients available.

Read over the reviews to see how the candidate (your potential freelancer) did under pressure, if they met deadlines, how well they interpreted instructions, and any other questions that come to mind.

For Large YouTube Projects, Try a Small Test Run First

If you want to choose the right freelancer for a large YouTube project, consider doing a small, unimportant test run first. Expect to pay them for this test, but make it something that showcases their skills with a tight deadline.

This can help you choose between more than one freelancer if you are having trouble choosing, and can also reveal a skill that you didn’t realize you could utilize for another YouTube project in the future.

Have a Set Budget and Timeline For The Task

While it may seem like a good idea to start off with a flexible offer, freelancers need these two items to be set in stone before they can accept a job. In order to schedule their own projects, they need to know exactly how much time you want them to dedicate to your project, and what your budget is.

Knowing these two things makes it easier to find a freelancer who is compatible with your needs and resources. While it is tempting to go with the lowest price being offered to you by potential freelancers, it may not be the best idea for finding the best fit.

Most experienced freelancers charge industry standards, so any bid that is extremely below average may be the mark of an inexperienced freelancer.

Ask Your Network of Creators or MCN For Referrals

In addition to freelance platforms and websites, you should also consider your own network for potential freelancers.

If you’re partnered with a YouTube network / talent agency, they might have an in-house team or be able to intro you to someone helpful, or better yet, maybe other creators in your network are able to recommend someone that they’ve successfully worked with in the past. This gives you an automatic reference for a freelancer, from a connection you trust.

Make Sure The Freelancer Understands Your Expectations

Once you have your choices narrowed down to the freelancers who look promising, talk to them in-depth about the project. Be sure to finalize the deadline, what will be delivered when, and when payments will be made to the freelancer.

Ask them how the delivery of project objectives will occur, and be sure to discuss your expectations in detail. This conversation will help you find the right freelancer, who fully understands what you need, and is capable of executing the entire project.

Lastly, depending on the complexity of your project(s), make sure you get a professional to assist you with any legal contract work regarding the project and its contents. Keep these tips in mind as you look to find a good freelancer for your YouTube channel’s projects!