How to Create a Google Account

In this article we are going to discuss how you can set up your own Google account. As you may know, Google runs some of the most popular platforms online. By creating an account with Google you get access to tons of great options online like YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs, Workspace and much more.

Alright, let’s get started! To set up your Google account, start with the step number one mentioned below:

Step 1) Google Sign Up Page.

Go to is the homepage for setting up a Google account. Once you arrive onto this page, you will see blank fields on the right side of the page for you to fill in with your information.

Step 2) Complete The Required Fields.

Fill in the blank fields with your information and choose a username. This will be your official user name and will also be used for platforms like YouTube, Gmail, Google Plus and other Google accounts. It will usually be “”.

When choosing passwords, be smart! Use capitals, and symbols. The passwords are case-sensitive. This is the same password you will use for most of your other Google platforms.

Phone verification and alternate email address are optional fields. But these should be filled in to help keep your account more secure. Once you complete the required spaces, read through the terms of service and the privacy policy before selecting the “I Agree” check box. After you finish, click on the big tab at the bottom called, “Next Step”.

Step 3) Verify Your Account.

If you are directed straight your Google welcome page, then skip this step! If not, keep reading. Sometimes Google may ask you to complete phone verification or email verification. So you may see something similar like the image below.

Your phone number will not be shared by Google to other companies or for marketing purposes. This process is usually done to keep Gmail and Google accounts clean from spammers, bots, and abuse. You can choose to verify your account with a phone by a voice message or a text from the Google accounts team.

The Google Welcome Page.

After verifying your account, you will be directed to a welcome page. This page informs you that your registration with Google accounts is successful.

If you signed up through YouTube, then you may see a blue tab at the bottom that takes you back to YouTube! Once you click on this button, you are automatically signed into your YouTube account. Other wise you will see a tab that says, “Get Started”.

You are also registered to use other platforms. Use Gmail for your daily mailing. Stay organized with Google Workspace. You also have the ability to complete your work online in regards to word processing, creating presentations, and saving files.