How to Create a Community For Your YouTube Vlog Channel

Your YouTube channel may have started as a hobby or a space for you to share your opinions, practice your beauty tips and tricks, post your comedy routines, or upload your reviews of video games. However, if you’ve continued vlogging consistently and gained even a small audience, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not all about you anymore.

Your vlogging channel will have a tendency to become a space for a community of like-minded people to gather and discuss topics related to your YouTube vlogs. The best YouTubers not only recognize and foster it; they actively work to create this sense of community.

The Importance of a YouTube Community

Why? What’s so important about creating a community based around your vlogging channel? In short, it will bring you more viewers and grow your YouTube channel’s popularity.

Today, the most successful YouTube creators are people who make their supporters feel special and work to include them. There’s no better way to build brand loyalty than to build a community for the people who watch your videos and follow you on social media. So, let’s talk about how you can really boost the community aspect of your vlogging channel.

Choose a Great Name For Your Community

First of all, you want to give your YouTube community a really great name that will resound with your audience. Think about the topics you discuss and the cool name you came up with for your channel. Consider your audience and any catchphrases you use on a regular basis. Take a look through your comments and pick out things that your fans say that pop up a lot. Any of these could be the inspiration for a great, catchy YouTube community name that your fans will support and love.

Acknowledge Your YouTube Community

The next step is to start calling your community by its name. Mention your community in your vlogs and in your posts on social media. Give them shout-outs, and make sure that they know how important they are to you.

For example, let’s say that you have a beauty vlog channel with a focus on tips for styling curly hair called Curly Cue Styling Tips. You could name your community and engage with its members by including a shout-out in the outro of each of your YouTube videos. “Okay, Curly Cues! That’s it for this one. Thanks again for watching and don’t forget to subscribe and become a part of the Curly Cue Nation!”

Engage and Interact Consistently

In addition to including them in your intros and/or outros, though, you really need to engage with your audience if you want to build an authentic community for your vlogging channel. Start by asking for opinions, feedback, and/or ideas for future vlog topics at the end of your YouTube videos.

Ask your viewers to leave their responses in the comments, but don’t stop there. You can use this as a great means of coming up with vlog topics and posts while making your audience members really feel involved and connected with you.

Using the curly hair styling vlog example again, you could say something like, “Got questions about how to achieve your favorite styles and trends with curly hair? Post them in the comments, and I’ll answer them in my next video!”

Then, when you receive those questions and answer them in your next vlog, be sure to give the viewers who asked them shout-outs. Instead of saying, “One viewer wanted to know…” say something like, “[YouTube Username] asks…” Also, be sure to thank them after you answer their question. This drives home that you care about your audience and appreciate their feedback.

Respond to Your YouTube Comments

While we’re talking about engaging with your audience, don’t be afraid to get involved in the comments. When you see questions, comments, and tips related to your YouTube vlogs, jump right in and add to the conversation. Always be polite, and try to respond to questions and criticisms promptly and professionally.

Ask Your Audience for YouTube Video Ideas

Again, your audience can generate great ideas for YouTube videos. Even if you’re not running low on your own ideas for videos, ask your audience what they want to see from you. You might have a lot of great tips and tutorials in mind, but by doing this you’ll show your audience that you have a vested interest in them, and you’ll be sure to upload videos on the kinds of vlog topics that they really want to see.

Create a Social Presence Around Your Content

And don’t just confine your vlogging channel’s community to YouTube. Take it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On these platforms your viewers will be able to share more of your content and let their friends know about you, too. And you’ll have even more chances to interact with them.

When you create community pages for your YouTube channel on other social media platforms, though, be sure to include content that’s exclusive to those networks (a specific reason to follow you on each social network). Share behind-the-scenes footage, stills from upcoming episodes, updates, news, and other fun and informative content that your audience won’t get anywhere else. This will encourage them to get even more involved with your YouTube channel, and your audience and community will grow even more.