Why You Should Avoid Buying Fake YouTube Views

If you hear about a service that lets you buy fake views for your YouTube videos, and you think it might be a good idea to help you gain momentum… don’t do it! In all honesty, buying fake views on YouTube is a really terrible idea, and here are the top reasons why:

Fake YouTube Views Are a Waste of Money

First of all, you really don’t have to spend money on your YouTube channel to grow its popularity, and if you’re going to spend money on your channel, there are much better ways. Save your money for a better vlogging camera, lighting equipment, social media promotions, and other proven marketing techniques, and you’ll get a lot further.

Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

Next, do you think it’s better to have 20 fake views on a YouTube video or five real views? Those five real people who took the time to watch your video are likely to like it and share it on Facebook or Twitter. You won’t get the same treatment from your 20 fake views. In other words, if you want to build awareness for your YouTube channel, go with the real views, which will build on each other; don’t go for the fake views that will get you nowhere.

Fake YouTube Views Aren’t Engaging

Why don’t fake views on YouTube get you anywhere? They’re not engaging with your YouTube videos. Like we said a moment ago, with real people watching your videos, you’re going to get comments, likes, and shares. With fake YouTube views, you’re getting nothing, literally.

Fake YouTube Views Can Get You Banned

Buying fake views can actually get you banned from YouTube. For years, YouTube has looked down on and actually expressly forbidden fake views, but lately they’ve taken this a step further. The site is actually flagging accounts that have fake views, and if you are guilty of buying them too often, you’re likely to get banned.

YouTube wants to ensure quality experiences for its users, and it doesn’t want people with lower-quality videos getting a bump in search results just because they dumped some money into fake views.

Your YouTube Channel’s Reputation Will Suffer

“But how will they know?” YouTube has dedicated employees working on new algorithms and other means for spotting fake views. Not only that, but it’s actually pretty obvious to your viewers, as well. You’ve been on YouTube just a few weeks, but you suddenly have tons of views? There’s no comments or feedback. And they’re all from some users in remote countries? It looks pretty suspicious, right?

If you do it, your real viewers are going to wonder why you think you need to buy fake ones, and they’re going to wonder if watching your YouTube videos is really worth it.

Buying Fake Views is Just Not Worth It

If all that wasn’t enough, then think of it this way. The results just aren’t worth the money. If you want to spend cash on your YouTube channel in a way that will actually get you more real views and more engagement, pay for a Google AdWords campaign instead. You’ll have much better luck, you won’t have to worry about being banned, and your reputation won’t suffer. It’s a much better bet.